Quickbooks Transaction Log

What are QuickBooks transaction logs?

Now, this is something very different to the QuickBooks that you access for your company. QuickBooks transaction log file is a file that is created while you are building your company’s data file. Yes, exactly! This file is created by default in your system which saves all your company’s data. This can neither be rewritten or edited. You cannot open this file nor can you convert this one.

However, this file should be saved all the time in your folder where you have saved your company’s data folder. Yet for any technical support or any sort of help you can call our – QuickBooks online customer service number – +18772499444 24*7.

March 5, 2018
How To Recover Delete Transactions In Quickbooks

How to Recover Deleted Transactions in QuickBooks?

Every business requires a solid backup plan for its financial data and business files. Some of the data are so important that you can afford to lose it while some are just taking the unwanted space in your system. Thus, it is important to delete the unwanted files while preserving […]
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