To transfer money safely and fastly Quickbooks bill pay is the best option. Moreover it is very simple and secure to use. Just enter the details of the company or a person to which you want to pay the amount and the payment is done electronically. This Bill pay service will save your cost and time because it is very simple to login and do the transaction. The transfer time depends upon the ACH bank transfer or credit card. But in case of credit card it usually takes 2 days. For more details call on quickbooks customer support phone number +18772433444.  

February 27, 2018
QuickBooks Online Bill Pay

QuickBooks Online Bill Pay – How It Actually Works ?

QuickBooks online bill pay facility allows you to electronically write and paychecks as you normally would. All you have to do is select ‘Pay Online’ instead of ‘Print Later’ and choose the desired date on which you want to make the payment. Here are some benefits of QuickBooks payments.   […]
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