Import Quicken Data Into Quickbooks

If you are facing problems converting your data or import Quicken data into QuickBooks Online you can contact QuickBooks online customer service at +18772499444 and they will take care of the rest.

Alternatively one can convert Quicken data into a CSV file and that files can be imported into QuickBooks Online. It can be done in this way.

  1. First of all, Convert the Quicken data into a CSV file and then convert to Excel
  2. Import the Excel into QuickBooks

It is important to note, that by converting from Quicken to QuickBooks Online using CSV files, one will need to set up rules in their online banking area to update the transactions once they are imported to the appropriate bank account to re-associate their payee and categories. 

March 5, 2018
Import Data to QuickBooks Online

How To Import Data To QuickBooks Online?

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