Fringe Benefits In QuickBooks

Fringe benefits in QuickBooks are the type of employee benefits or compensation that need to be added to the payroll module of QuickBooks software. Allowance, clergy housing, personal use of company car, group term life insurance and corporate health benefits etc can be made available with the help of QuickBooks. These are the details to be added to the employee paycheck. For adding that, go to employees – > Edit – > Even more ways to pay. This will add the option to the payroll. For more information, contact QuickBooks online help number +18772499444 from which you can identify the issue easily and rectify them at minimal cost.

March 5, 2018
Employee Fringe Benefits

What Does The Term Fringe Benefit In QuickBooks Stand For?

A fringe benefit is kind of pay that is given to the employee based on his or her performance for their services. This fringe benefit provided is also taxable and can be included in the pay of the recipient of the particular fringe benefits. These amounts affect the employees’ gross income […]
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