QuickBooks Refund Policy


We are committed towards our customers. For us, customer satisfaction is a lot more than a sale.  If due to some inexplicable reason, you are not satisfied with the purchase, you can request an online refund, believe us, we won’t compel you to change your decision.


Details while requesting refund

  • The company refunds within 15 days of purchase. There is set modus operandi. Like, you have to fill online refund form in which you have to mention order number and valid reason for the refund.
  • Here we would like to mention, if you aren’t satisfied with our services, you can unsubscribe within 15 days of purchase date. Refund on unsubscribed services will be issued in the same payment form as tendered at the time of subscription.
  • If you have made payment through credit card, we need 7 to 8 days to credit amount in your account.
  • In case payment was made through cheque, the refund cheque will be issued within 10 business days from the date of subscription.
  • The full refund is guaranteed if the issue is reported within 24 hours or it remains unresolved


If you don’t understand the refund policy, or have specific questions in your mind, do not worry, just, email your grievance. We promise we will not take much of time to answer your queries.


You are eligible for refund, if you fulfill one of the criteria.

  • The issue is out of scope for the particular plan
  • You send request for refund within 15 days from the purchase date
  • If the company fails to resolve data recovery and password issues
  • If customers cancel an annual subscription before 12 months


Payment Policy

  • Services against plan order are available, once you have made payment for the services according to the requirements
  • Specific plans have fee, including, but not confined to Service Fee
  • Under the recurring payment plan, all payments are made in advance
  • You shall be charged an additional non- refundable activation fee at the time of registration
  • QuickBooks license fees will be paid along with a service fee and it remains valid for the period of one or two years
  • If you signed for term plan or bundled plan, the price valid until one of the things occur, either the term plan expires, or you drop one of the QuickBooks Services
  • You terminate the plan before expiry date


Credit Card Billing

The billing cycle for a credit card is the period between billings. For example, a billing cycle may start on the 10th day of the month and might end on the 30th day of the month. Or, it may go from the 15th of the month to the 15th of the next. Billing cycles vary.

For credit card billing, you need a credit card number; here we would like to make it clear the company is not responsible for insufficient funds. If you provide a debit card number instead of credit card number, you will be responsible for a mistake in the transaction.


 Renewal policy/Upgrade policy

Before expiry of subscription, you need to send a renewal request to the customer care executive. You can pay for renewal through cheque or your credit card. If you want to know about auto-renewal, you can talk to our Quickbooks customer support executive.

We have received an overwhelming response.  We have been facilitating tech support in three countries, including the USA. Most of the issues, including activation and installation are resolved the same day, often within 30 minutes of problem submission. We are prompt, honest and price friendly. If you want to know more about our tech support kindly talk to our customer care executive

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