QuickBooks Data Damage and Recovery Services 

Backing up your data is highly important for any business. You may be comprehensively conducting your daily tasks but without a recovery solution, you could lose out on a month’s work and also suffer a loss in your business. Both time and valuable information such as customer data could be wiped out. To prevent this from happening, you need to have a QuickBooks data damage and recovery option. The data recovery feature was first introduced in the 2010 R6 version of QuickBooks. The feature got incorporated into the Pro version of the accounting software.


QuickBooks Data Damage and Recovery Services


QuickBooks File Repair Service

Intuit QuickBooks Support team may address issues from users with errors like ‘unable to open QuickBooks file’. To counter this issue, QuickBooks launched its Company File Diagnostic-Tool to address the issue and diagnose the error and repair it. Although this tool solves the issue in a majority of the cases, there might be times when the problem still persists. In that case, you can look for QuickBooks online help to see if the solution to your problem can be found online. You may also send your file to the QuickBooks Technical Support team to be repaired.


How to Repair or Recover Deleted File in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Data Damage and Recovery feature let you restore your previously damaged or deleted file. Financial data is always pertinent in any business as it consists of payroll data, income, receivables & payables. You should have an effective backup strategy to secure your data from any malware. The QuickBooks data damage and recovery process is quite simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Launch QuickBooks software à Click ‘File’ à Save Copy or Backup
  2. Choose the radial button beside ‘Backup copy’. Click on ‘Next’ button
  3. Click on ‘Local Backup’ à Options
  4. Select Browse button and then enter the destination where you would like to store the backup. Once you have done it, click ‘Ok’
  5. In the ‘Backup Options’ window click ‘Ok’ and select ‘Next’
  6. Click on ‘Save it Now’. Type the filename with which you want to save your backup and then finally click ‘Save’


Functioning of the QuickBooks recovery feature

When you click on a QuickBooks file after an hour, the QB ADR (Auto Data Recovery) feature performs internal diagnostics on the opened file. The file is considered good if it remained opened and passed a certain test. A backup of the file is saved to the Auto Data Recovery folder. After 12 hours, QuickBooks creates an additional copy of the file. You must keep the program open for QuickBooks to make this additional copy. The first ADR copy is automatically renamed to ‘old’ and another new copy is created.


Contact QuickBooks Technical Support to resolve all your QuickBooks Data Damage and Recovery Issues

With over 10 million customers, QuickBooks is widely used. Despite being known for its efficient and highly effective accounting software, there are times when you may face recovery issues that require you to contact QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number (+18772499444). If you were unable to solve the issue using the QuickBooks Data Recovery tool, the knowledgeable and amicable customer service team will guide you in resolving the errors. The professional and high-quality service will aid you in achieving a quick fix for your problem.

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