QuickBooks Credit Card Processing In Simple Steps

QuickBooks Credit Card Processing allows all major credit and debit card transactions directly in QBO. Moreover, the software automatically updates the payment information so that you never have to enter the same data twice.

For Availing More Information About The QuickBooks Credit Card Payment Services-

  1. Open QuickBooks Menu > open the Gear icon > select Company Settings
  2. Select Payments
  3. Select Learn More!

You will have to sign up for GoPayment or Merchant Service Account

Once Intuit sends you an acknowledgment message regarding the approval of Merchant Service Account for processing credit cards, you can process QuickBooks credit card transactions.

However, If You Can’t Locate It Then;

  1. Sign out from QBO
  2. Sign in to QBO
  3. Got to Menu > Gear icon > Company Settings > Payments
  4. In the Payments section, if you see Learn More option, then your QuickBooks Merchant Account is still not activated.

quickbooks credit card processing


How To Set Up A Credit Card In QuickBooks?

  1. Open QuickBooks Online
  2. Go to Lists > select ‘Chart of Accounts’
  3. Click Credit Card > Continue
  4. Go to Add New Account tab
    1. Type your Credit Card Name
    2. Select Enter Opening Balance and type Statement Ending Date and Statement Ending Balance (based on your credit card statement) and press OK
    3. Save & Exit


QuickBooks Credit Card Charges: How To Enter The Credit Card Charges?

  1. Go to the Menu > Banking > Enter Credit Card Charges
  2. Select Credit Card from the drop-down menu and choose your suitable account
  3. Tick the Charge/Purchase radio button (in most of the cases, it will be automatically selected)
  4. Now, from the Purchased From drop-down menu, select a vendor
  5. Go to Expenses > enter the items you want to track
  6. Save and Exit


Paying QuickBooks Credit Card Fees

  1. Go to the Menu > Banking > select Write Checks
  2. Select Bank Account > your preferred bank account to pay the credit card charges
  3. Select the Payment Date
  4. Go to Pay to the order of section and choose your credit card company
  5. Open Expenses > select your account
  6. Save and Exit

Contact Our QuickBooks Customer Support Number For More Details About Credit Card Transactions Via QuickBooks

We can help you make things less complicated with our top-quality customer care services. We are in this industry for some time now and we know that customer satisfaction is everything. We make sure that every issue or error is sorted out from its root so that it will not bug your business in the near future. If you want to avail the benefits of QuickBooks credit card processing or you have any queries or questions regarding QuickBooks credit card fees and charges, give us a call. The QuickBooks Customer Support Number is +18772499444.

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