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How To Create An Invoice In QuickBooks Invoice Software?

quickbooks invoice

When you run a business, it involves selling of goods and rendering of services, for which you as a business get paid. However, while running a legitimate business, one cannot simply ask for payment without providing a proof of the goods sold or the services provided. That is where invoicing comes in. Businessmen prepare invoices and send it across to the clients informing them of the dues and the duration in which the payment must be cleared. QuickBooks invoice is a great software to be used to create QuickBooks online invoicing.


QuickBooks Invoice System And Then How To Create Invoice In QuickBooks-

  1. When you are on your Dashboard, click on the Invoices tab and then click on Send your first invoice.
  2. The next step would require you to select the customer for whom you are preparing the invoice. In case it is a new customer whose name has not already been added into your QuickBooks yet, you can simply add the details now and click on Save to add the customer to your QuickBooks customer list.
  3. After adding the name of the customer, you can move on to selecting the terms of payment. For example, you can select ‘NET 30’ which would mean that the payment must be cleared within 30 days of the generation of the invoice.
  4. The next step in the ‘How to create invoice in QuickBooks’ guideline would be to add the services rendered and the goods sold. Similar to the step of adding the client name, if you haven’t added the name of the product or service in the list already, you can always add it on the spot while making the invoice.
  5. While adding the details of the customer or the client, be sure to add their email address for emailing the invoice.
  6. QuickBooks online invoicing procedure allows the business owners to preview the invoices at any given time by clicking on ‘Print or Preview’.
  7. The look of the invoice can also be customized by clicking on the Customize tab and then on the ‘Edit Current’ tab at the bottom.
  8. If your business has a ready logo, be sure to add that to your QuickBooks invoice.
  9. QuickBooks allows its users to change the look of the QuickBooks online invoice templates and the colors.
  10. Set up your online payments option make your business easy to transact with. All you have to do is fill out a simple application form on the ‘Get set up’ tab.
  11. Now all you have to do is save and send the invoice to the concerned client.


Dial Intuit QuickBooks Support Phone Number For Understanding QuickBooks Online Invoicing

Setting up new businesses isn’t always an easy task as it brings with it the added baggage of handling a lot more than one can chew. However, with QuickBooks and its dedicated team of experts, it becomes relatively easier to understand and handle businesses tasks. In case the customers have any query regarding QuickBooks invoice system, the team of professional experts that is there 24/7 for support is always available at the Intuit QuickBooks Phone Number +18772499444.

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