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How to Recover Deleted Transactions in QuickBooks?

How To Recover Delete Transactions In Quickbooks

Every business requires a solid backup plan for its financial data and business files. Some of the data are so important that you can afford to lose it while some are just taking the unwanted space in your system. Thus, it is important to delete the unwanted files while preserving the important ones. QuickBooks Delete Transaction and QuickBooks restore deleted transaction hence play a vital role. In this article, we will discuss how QuickBooks restore deleted transaction work and how to recover deleted invoices in QuickBooks.


QuickBooks Delete Transaction And How To Recover Deleted Transactions In QuickBooks

When you want to remove or delete a transaction, QuickBooks provides you with two options – Delete or Void

Delete – it will completely remove the invoice to the transaction from QuickBooks

Void – it retains the original transaction date by changing the transaction amount to zero

QuickBooks Delete Transaction

  • Open the particular transaction that you want to completely remove from QuickBooks
  • Go to More > Delete > Yes

QuickBooks Void Transaction

  • Open the particular transaction that you want to void
  • Go to More > Void > Yes


QuickBooks Restore Deleted Transaction

QuickBooks file recovery is not a complex task. However, once you have deleted the transaction, there is no way to undo it. You will be required to re-enter the data. For recreating the transaction or the invoice you deleted, you can use Audit Log.

To use the Audit Log, you will have to keep in mind that;

  • Only saved transactions can be restored
  • QuickBooks Online will not create reports for deleted invoices and transactions


QuickBooks Recover Deleted Invoice

As said earlier, there is no way that you can restore a deleted invoice. Nevertheless, you can check Audit Log for the information. The information present in the Audit Log will help you in QuickBooks Recover Deleted Invoice. Follow the given steps –

  • Select Gear icon > click Audit Log > click Filter
  • Choose All Date and All Users
  • Go to Events > select ‘Show only these events’ radio button
  • Tick the Transactions checkbox and hit Apply
  • Press View to view the deleted invoice
  • Click plus sign (+) to recreate the invoice
  • Choose Invoice > enter the information > Save


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