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Reasons And Solutions To- QuickBooks Connection Has Been Lost Error

Quickbooks Connection Has Been Lost

QuickBooks connection has been Lost” when working on a QuickBooks company file. When QuickBooks cannot access your company data file, it shows this error. It might be possible that QuickBooks connection has been Lost

The Possible Causes Of QuickBooks Connection Has Been Lost Error Are:

  • The company file is stored on a different computer or any portable device and due to some reasons, a connection to that device cannot be established
  • There are multiple computers on a single network that have been configured to host the same QuickBooks company file.
  • Data in the QuickBooks company file is damaged
  • Dissimilar versions of QuickBooks have been installed in multi-user QuickBooks installation.
  • The storing computer is currently in sleep or hibernation mode.

These are some of the reasons due to which you might lose connection in QuickBooks.

To resolve the issue, you can select from the below solution that suits your requirement the best. If you get the issue of ‘connection to server lost’, then you might try restarting the system.


QuickBooks connection has been lost error can be resolved in these ways.

  • The Company File Is Stored On A Different Computer Or Any Portable Device And Due To Some Reasons, A Connection To That Device Cannot Be Established:

Try to make sure that there is a secure connection between your computer and the system on which the file is stored. Ensure that there is no QuickBooks internet connection error. A simple way to check your network connectivity is to open a different file on the same system. Restart the host computer to fix the ‘connection to server lost’ trouble.


  • There Are Multiple Computers On A Single Network That Have Been Configured To Host The Same QuickBooks Company File.

The computer that is hosting the file must enable hosting in its configuration. To get this done:

  1. Open QuickBooks
  2. Select File à
  3. Enable ‘Stop Hosting Multi-User Access’ if you see that on your screen. If you see ‘Host Multi-user Access’, then enable ‘hosting’ on this computer.


  • Dissimilar Versions Of QuickBooks Have Been Installed In Multi-User QuickBooks Installation.

Make sure you install the latest version of QuickBooks on all your active computers and get a QuickBooks data connection. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open QuickBooks
  2. Select Help à Update QuickBooks
  3. Click on Update Now
  4. Close and restart QuickBooks once the download is finished.
  5. Click on ‘Install Now
  6. Follow the same process on all the systems that are on the network.


Dial QuickBooks Online Support Number To Resolve All Your Doubts.

QuickBooks has a group of elite professionals who are always there to assist and reply to your queries. If you ever face the ‘QuickBooks connection has been losterror, then try the above-mentioned methods to resolve the issue.

All the technicians that work in the support team have undergone Proadvisor certification. They are committed to providing knowledgeable tips to enhance your business. You can dial the QuickBooks Online Support Number   +1-877-249-9444. You can get support for both Windows and Mac version of the application after calling their support number.  The team won’t let you down on any technical issue.

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