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QuickBooks Online Bill Pay – How It Actually Works ?

QuickBooks Online Bill Pay

QuickBooks online bill pay facility allows you to electronically write and paychecks as you normally would. All you have to do is select ‘Pay Online’ instead of ‘Print Later’ and choose the desired date on which you want to make the payment. Here are some benefits of QuickBooks payments.


QuickBooks Payments- Features And Benefits

  1. Access The Platform Conveniently

You can pay bills and make business transactions anytime and from anywhere (if you can access the internet)

  1. Complete Security Assured

Intuit guarantees the payments made are backed by CheckFree

  1. Significant Cost Saving

Your business can save thousands considering the processing time, supply cost and labor

  1. Enhanced Financial Management

It offers a great deal of accuracy over cash flow and payables processing.


QuickBooks Online Bill Pay Process

Once you have entered your bills into QuickBooks, it is time to make QuickBooks online payments.

  1. Go to Pay Bills on the Menu tab
  2. From the drop-down, select the Payment Account. That is; Credit Card or Check
  3. Select the date(s) to display the bills of particular payments. You can choose the date by clicking the Calendar icon
  4. Now, select the bills that you want to pay. Click Amount to Pay
  5. Select the date on which you want to make the payments
  6. Enter the payment method by clicking the Payment Method button
  7. Review before pressing the Pay Bills button
  8. If you want the printed message, you can click Pay and Print button


QuickBooks Payment Processing 

When you have a QuickBooks bill pay account, then from Merchant Service Center, you can directly process the credit card sales.

Note: – In the Merchant Service Center, you can also process eChecks and manually record them

How To Process A Credit Card Payment?

  • Log in to your Merchant Service Center account
  • Go to Processing Tools > Charge a Card
  • Fill in the necessary details > click Submit
  • After submission, the panel will display a confirmation page. After reviewing the details > click done

How To Process An eCheck Payment?

  • Log in to your Merchant Service Center account
  • Go to Homepage > click Check Transactions
  • Select Processing Tools > click Accept an eCheck
  • Enter the amount payable
  • Select your Account Type
  • Enter the 9-digit Routing Number
  • Input the Account Number
  • After it enter your Customer’s First and Last Name
  • Moreover, enter your Customer’s Contact Number
  • Select ‘My customer is on the phone’ or ‘I have a signed authorization’ and click Submit


QuickBooks Online Phone Support available 24/7

We hope that above-mentioned steps will help you resolve your QuickBooks issues regarding QuickBooks online bill pay. If you are finding it difficult to make QuickBooks online bill pay, you can always contact our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +18772499444.  We will help you find answers to the most common and frequent questions about QuickBooks online payments and will help you learn more about QuickBooks bill pay. Get support by email, chats, call or submit your complaint/feedback and we will get back to you.

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