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QuickBooks Login Error – How To Fix It ?

QuickBooks Login Error

QuickBooks, despite offering so many features, sometimes it tends to cause problems due to issues like corrupted files and damaged registry. QuickBooks login error is one of them. At times, when you try to login with your username and password, there are chances that you encounter the following error –

Error: Your attempt to login with the username ‘xxxx’ failed


Fixing QuickBooks login errors:

  1. Close all your QuickBooks operations
  2. Go to Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete)
  3. Select Processes tab
  4. Select Image Name tab
  5. Now select the processes starting with ‘qb’
  6. Right-click to end these sessions
  7. Now try logging in, if it fails, restart the server


QuickBooks Log File Error

The Log files in QuickBooks Desktop contain the messages and information created by Condense data, Rebuild data and Verify data utility. The log file is responsible for determining what caused the issues in the company file.

  1. It is called log in windows
  2. It is called log in Mac (applies to the US only)


Troubleshooting QBWin.Log Error

  • Rename log to Old.log
  • Create a new QBWin.log file by re-running the Verify Data utility
  • Examine the newly created QBWin.log file


QuickBooks User Already Logged In Error

  • There are several reasons for this type of login error to occur like
  • An electrical problem causing in network glitch
  • You logged into the system using another workstation
  • You forgot to log out after a session previously and now you tried to log in using a remote access

Fixing This Error

  1. Go to Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete)
  2. Select Processes tab
  3. Select Image Name tab
  4. Now select the processes starting with ‘qb’
  5. Select End Process


How To Log Someone Out Of QuickBooks?

Follow the below steps to create an administrator file and log someone out of QuickBooks

  1. Login to QuickBooks using your administrative credentials
  2. Open QuickBooks Messenger
  3. Go to Actions > Close Company files for Users
  4. Select the user whom you want to log out and click Close Company File
  5. This will log out the user from QuickBooks and will allow switching to single user mode

Struggling To Log Out Another User From QuickBooks – Contact QuickBooks Technical Support number:

You can avail our QuickBooks Technical Support services for availing the benefits of our different QuickBooks solutions like troubleshooting, installation problems and error resolution and more. Let us know how we can help you regarding any questions about the products, struggling to get started, looking for a product demo or are struggling with QuickBooks login error. Contact us at QuickBooks support +18772499444 or send us an email for any technical assistance.

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