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Get QuickBooks Error PS077 Fixed With These Simple Steps

QuickBooks Error PS077

When you are downloading a payroll update, errors starting with PS such as PS077, PS033, PS034, etc appear stating that QuickBooks is not able to read your payroll setup files. QuickBooks Error PS077 and QuickBooks PS033 errors are caused due to a damaged file in the CPS folder. Other factors include;

  1. Damaged QuickBooks company data file
  2. Incorrect or outdated billing information
  3. You are not registered with QuickBooks
  4. Invalid or damaged tax table file in the Payroll folder


Fixing QuickBooks Error PS077 And PS033:

Downloading an updated payroll tax table is an easy solution to deal with QuickBooks PS033 and PS077 QuickBooks error.

Before going for the updated version of payroll, you have to keep in mind that;

  • You need an active payroll subscription
  • Intuit recommends their users to download the tax table once in every 45 days or whenever they pay their employees
  • For automatically receiving latest payroll updates, turn on the ‘automatic update feature’ in your QuickBooks Desktop

Following are the below-given steps to resolve QuickBooks Error PS077 and QuickBooks Error PS033. These procedures will only work given that you have an active payroll subscription.

  1. Restart your system and open QuickBooks Desktop
  2. View and update your payroll service account details on QuickBooks Desktop
  3. Verify whether or not your QuickBooks Desktop is registered
  • Go to QuickBooks Desktop > press F2 > Product information window will open
  • If you have already registered it will say ACTIVATED or REGISTERED
  • If not, you need to register first
  • In the Product information window, go to Help > select Activate QuickBooks
  1. You have to keep only one installation of the QuickBooks Desktop version. You don’t want two versions of QuickBooks Accountant 20xx installed on your computer as it will show error while updating the tax table.
  • If you are using two installations of QuickBooks version, Uninstall one which you don’t use
  • Backup your company data file
  • Switch to single user mode
  • Go to File > Backup Company
  • Click Create Local Backup > select Local Backup
  • Select a location to keep your backup copy
  • Click OK and done
  1. Reset your QuickBooks Desktop Updates
  2. If you are using Windows operating system, turn off the User Account Control (UAC). But once you have completed the troubleshooting, turn it back ON.
  • Go to Control Panel > User Accounts > Change user account control settings
  • Set the bar to Never Notify and press OK (UAC off)
  • Set the bar to Always Notify and press OK (UAC on)
  • Restart your system
  1. Run error report, verify QuickBooks data to make sure that you are not holding any corrupt data
  2. Rename the CPS folder
  • Go to C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks 20xx\Components\Payroll\CPS
  • Rename CPS folder CPSOLD
  1. Download latest Payroll update
  • Go to Employees > Get Payroll updates
  • Tick Download entire payroll update
  • Press Update and OK
  1. Run reboot.bat file
  • Close QuickBooks Desktop
  • Open reboot.bat file folder
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop Properties > Open file location
  • Run reboot.bat file as Administrator
  1. In the Selective Startup, perform a clean install of QuickBooks Desktop


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