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QuickBooks Direct Deposit Support For You Round The Clock

QuickBooks Direct Deposit

You can execute ‘Payroll’ and compensate your employees using QuickBooks Online Direct Deposit feature. You can do a QuickBooks Online direct deposit to pay your employees. To activate this service, you need to sign up and click on the activate feature on QuickBooks Desktop. There are certain requirements for QuickBooks Payroll direct deposit:

  • The version of QuickBooks Desktop must support the feature
  • You need an Active ‘QuickBooks Desktop Payroll’ subscription
  • Federal EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  • Access to the Internet
  • A Bank account that can handle ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions within the US.


Setup QuickBooks Direct Deposit

Employees must fill out ‘direct deposit authorization form QuickBooks’ and provide a canceled check from their respective bank accounts to be eligible for direct deposit. The canceled check is only required to be kept for a record. Follow the following steps

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop then select Employees à Employee Center to get the employee list.
  2. Double-click on employee’s name à Payroll info Tab à Direct Deposit
  3. In the ‘Direct Deposit’ window, choose ‘Use Direct Deposit for ______(employee’s name)’
  4. You can select the number of accounts
  5. Enter the name of the financial institution followed by other details
  6. Click ‘Ok’

Now you can make a direct QuickBooks deposit into your employee’s account.


Processing Time

It is recommended that the payroll should be submitted in a timely manner. Payroll can be submitted up to 45 days in advance and latest by 2:59 PT on the date of submission. In case you miss your QuickBooks deposit deadline then you can generate a paper-check instead.


How to Change Direct Deposit Account in QuickBooks?

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop, then click on Employees àMy Payroll Service àAccounts/Billing Info.
  2. Use your Intuit Account Login ID to Sign in.
  3. Go to Direct Deposit section à Bank Account Details.
  4. Click on ‘Ok’ if a message appears on the screen.
  5. Enter Payroll Pin à Click Submit à Enter updated Bank Account details à Click Submit
  6. Wait for confirmation and then click ‘Continue’.


How To Cancel A Direct Deposit In QuickBooks?

  1. Go to Employees à Employee Center
  2. Double-click on the employee’s name whose profile needs to be edited
  3. Open the ‘Payroll Info’ Tab.
  4. Click on ‘Direct Deposit’ button and clear the box against ‘Use Direct Deposit’ for this employee.

This will permanently remove direct deposit from the employee profile.


Dial QuickBooks Online Support Number To Find The Answers To All Your Doubts Related To QuickBooks Direct Deposit

QuickBooks has a group of elite professionals who are always there to assist and reply to your queries. If you have any concern regarding QuickBooks direct deposit, then try the above-mentioned methods to resolve the issue. All the technicians that work in the support team have undergone Proadvisor certification. They are committed to providing knowledgeable tips to enhance your business. You can dial the QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number +18772499444. You can get support for both Windows and Mac version of the application after calling their support number.  The team won’t let you down on any technical issue related to QuickBooks direct deposit.

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