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QuickBooks Upgrade Support @ Our Quickbooks ProAdvisor Tech Support Number

QuickBooks Upgrade

Most of the accounting-type people question about why perform QuickBooks upgrade and is it necessary? Well, it depends…if you are using QuickBooks add-on services for credit cards, payroll, etc, then QuickBooks upgrade is necessary once every three years. The QuickBooks add-on services include paying a bill, online banking, card processing, merchant services processing and more. The developers of QuickBooks, Intuit follows a stern policy of supporting two prior versions or current versions of QuickBooks products. For example, the support for QuickBooks pro upgrade will only be valid until 2019.


What If I Am Not Using The Integrated Services Of QuickBooks?

If you are not using QuickBooks add-on service, then the timetable you choose for QuickBooks 2016 upgrade is completely optional. But keep in mind that you will not get any support for your QuickBooks version once it gets outdated.

Things to keep in mind before performing QuickBooks Pro 2016 upgrade

Before you start the upgradation process , you first have to install the latest version of the QuickBooks desktop software. Then you can update the company file to the latest version.

  1. The Admin User Is Allowed To Upgrade The QuickBooks Company File:

In case, if you are the only user in the company file, then you are the QuickBooks administrator. If you are not the administrator and try to upgrade the company file, it will send you a notification stating that you have to log in as an administrator for performing the update.

  1. Never Upgrade QuickBooks Company File Over A Network:

If you upgrade QuickBooks company file over a network, then it will make the conversion unstable and puts the company file in a state where it becomes prone to getting damaged easily.

  1. You Cannot Open The Upgraded Data File In The Previous Version:

Once the upgradation is complete, it cannot be reversed and you cannot open it in the older version.


QuickBooks Premier 2016 Upgrade From 2016 Pro

If you bought QuickBooks Pro in the last two months from Intuit, you can always call them. They will give you a new registration number or even a new download. The Premier version is typically same as of the Pro version with certain features disabled in Pro. You will have to remove the Pro version from your system before installing Premier version. Moreover, in case if you haven’t bought it from Intuit or it is more than two months, then you will have to buy Premier’s latest version.


Updating QuickBooks Company File

  • Launch the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop
  • Select File > Open or Restore Company
  • Select Open a company file
  • Browse the data and open
  • In the Update Company File for New Version window, read the info carefully and then press Update now
  • You file will be updated


QuickBooks Mac 2016 Upgrade

You can download the QuickBooks desktop software externally from the QuickBooks website or via software.

For Mac, You Can Download The New Release –
  • Manually from the Product Updates page
  • Inside the QuickBooks Desktop Program
Manual Update:
  • Uninstall QuickBooks for Mac
  • Reinstall the latest version of QuickBooks for Mac
  • To check the release number and verify the update, open QuickBooks Desktop for Mac and hit Cmd+1.
In-Product Update:
  • Click on Check for QuickBooks Updates in the QuickBooks Desktop menu.
  • Click on Install Update
  • Then click Install and Relaunch
Updating QuickBooks Server For Mac:
  • Select QuickBooks [2016] Server placed next to the Apple logo
  • Click Check for QuickBooks Server updates
  • Press Install Update
  • Now Click Install and Relaunch


Reach Out To Us Via QuickBooks ProAdvisor Support Phone Number And Avail The Latest Information About QuickBooks Upgrade

We can help you simplify things with our state-of-the-art customer service. We crave for customer satisfaction and we make sure that every issue or error is sorted out from its root so that it will not bug your business functionality. If you are not satisfied with your QuickBooks performance or are tired of dealing with errors, don’t worry, just give us a call.  If you have any queries or questions regarding the latest QuickBooks upgrade, give us a call. The QuickBooks ProAdvisor Support number is +18772499444

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