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February 22, 2018
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February 22, 2018
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QuickBooks Problems- Slow Data Connectivity

QuickBooks Problems

QuickBooks is the de facto standard for the small, medium and large business finances. QuickBooks helps the users to store and share information about services, employee, customers, etc. Most of the times, it runs smoothly however when it fails, QuickBooks problems start which means get ready for a nightmare.

One of the QuickBooks problems the users encounter is that their connectivity to the QuickBooks data file slows down. When a user experiences such thing, he/she either lose data or work becomes impossible. Both the cases are not acceptable.

QuickBooks online problems today happen mostly due to connectivity issues. The users struggle to understand how QuickBooks slows down even when their network is zipping along in its usual manner. A quick fix to one of the most concerned QuickBooks problems today is to create your data file’s portable copy. This fix comes handy when your transaction logs have become blusterous.

In this post, you will come to know how to fix the slow data file connectivity issue in QuickBooks.


The Cause Of QuickBooks Online Problems- Data File Connectivity Slowing Down

Every QuickBooks data file comes with a transaction log. The transaction logs are the files having .tlg extension and when its size exceeds the size of .qbw files; then transaction logs become inaccessible, resulting in slowing down the QuickBooks data file connectivity.

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How Can This Problem Be Resolved?

You will have to create a portable copy of the data file. It is an effective way to deal with the ‘slow-down’ issue. When a portable copy is created, it flushes down the transaction log and you will get a clean slate to start with. This eventually helps in speeding up your data file connectivity provided that you have no general QuickBooks online problems with the firewall or networking.


Creating A Portable Copy Of The Data File

  • First, log out everyone from the QuickBooks account. That is; exit from multi-user mode.
  • Switch the account to single-user mode.
  • Go to the data file and click Create Copy.
  • Now you will be asked – What type of file do you want to save? Select Portable company file and proceed.
  • Click Save from the drop-down and select Desktop.
  • Finally, Save and Click Ok.

The portable copy of the data file you created will be located on the Desktop. The next procedure will be to re-establish the portable copy to its original position. Consider the following steps;

  • Open the file and click on Open or Restore Company File.
  • Opt for Restore Portable File and hit Next.
  • Browse the portable copy you created from the desktop and open it.
  • Now you will be asked – Where Do You Want To Restore The File window? Before clicking Next, read the warning considering the change in the file name.
  • Click Save from the drop-down and select your desired location (you will find the location on the server hosting the QuickBooks data file).
  • Rename your file and Save.

NOTE: Renaming your portable copy is necessary else it will overwrite the existing file.


QuickBooks Support and Technical Help

We hope that above-mentioned steps will help you resolve your QuickBooks problems regarding slow data file connectivity. If the provided steps won’t work or you want more information, you can always contact QuickBooks support at +18772499444.  We will help you find answers to the most common and frequent questions and help you learn more about QuickBooks. Get support by email, chats, call or submit your complaint/feedback and we will get to you.

You can contact our support team at +18772499444 or you can email us if you have any queries and issues.

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