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Solutions to the QuickBooks Pro 2016 Problem

QuickBooks Pro 2016

QuickBooks performance issues can appear anytime without any consent and for different reasons as well. Latest to the QuickBooks Pro 2016 issue is that it is getting slow when used in the multi-user mode. Well, there is no reason to worry, as you will be only required to seek QuickBooks Online support. QuickBooks operates slowly in the multi-user mode when using QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2016 on the browser or when opening a large company file.

You can experience things like QuickBooks Pro 2016 multi-user mode slowing down or other performance-related errors. For a user, it is necessary for him/her to recognize and understand different kinds of issues.

For starters, you may come across hurdles like

  • Difficulty in performing alternate tasks
  • Several data errors affecting the company data files badly
  • Management errors
  • Company files get slower as the day passes
  • Taking longer than usual to open the data
  • Administration Problems
  • Slowing down of company file tasks when there is an increase in the number of users.


Why QuickBooks Pro 2016 Multi User Mode Slows Down?

There are several reasons why QuickBooks run slowly when used in multi-user mode.

  • The first reason could be due to the computer running slow where the data file is located.
  • Another reason could be the usage of faulty Network Interface card (NIC).
  • Large reports running in the data file such as transaction reports and more having more than 32000 targets, quite larger than usual.
  • The system seems like facing difficulty in handling large data files.
  • Multiple users accessing the same module at the same time.


Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2016 2 User Online Guide To Improving The Performance Of Multi-User Mode

If yours is QuickBooks Pro 2016 2 user, then it is recommended to install QuickBooks server on the same computer where you have places the company file. It will surely enhance the performance of the QuickBooks Pro 2016 online.

Storing The Company File

Always store the company file on the computer that has QuickBooks server installed. Consider the following multi-user setup for storing the company file.

  1. The main memory on the computer can deliberately affect the performance so select a computer that meets or exceeds the criteria for disk space, RAM, and Processor.
  2. Select a computer that has not used for non-QuickBooks activities.

Increasing The Performance Of QuickBooks Pro 2016 Multi-User Mode

  • Replace the Network Interface Card
  • Minimize the number of users and only use one module at a time
  • On large reports, decrease their date range
  • Save the data files on the network’s fastest computer


  • Open the search tab and type Performance
  • Press Enter
  • Click on the help menu and select search
  • Select the multi-user mode and click on Improve Performance


Enjoy The Benefits Of Our QuickBooks Online Support. Simply Dial QuickBooks Online Customer Service Number And We Will Be At Your Service.

Technical assistance is a must when you are operating something this big. QuickBooks has its own perks but for the first-timers or even the for the professionals, sometimes, the technical glitches and lack of knowledge can affect their QuickBooks operations. But we are here to provide you 100% error resolution. We will provide you with simple steps and procedures will help you recover your issues. If you are facing difficulty in performing certain operations or if you want further information about QuickBooks Pro 2016, contact QuickBooks online phone support @+18772499444.

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